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n the year nineteen forty eight on the eighteenth day of November, in Turin, via Cernaia twenty two, in the offices of the Notary Dr. Adolfo BALDIOLI, the following persons met:

  1. Prince Antonio Ferdinando GRAVINA CRUYLLAS di Valsavoja, son of Prince Michele, born in Turin;
  2. Count Alessandro Michele ARNALDI Noble of the S.R.I. son of Count Francesco, born in Turin;
  3. Count Ubaldo CAMNASIO de Irun y Villaroel di Ernesto born in Milan;

As promoters of the establishment of the Italian Heraldic Council, four other gentlemen were likewise present, who have signed the foot of this deed.

Chairman: Prince Gravina Cruyllas
Speaker: Count Camnasio
The Notary Dr. Baldioli acts as secretary.

    After carefully listening to the complete and accurate report on the current Heraldic-Nobiliary situation in Italy, the ITALIAN HERALDIC COUNCIL was immediately established, with the aims of the Institute being the culture and increasing historic-heraldic-genealogical studies, in particular:

  1. Heraldic-nobiliary consultation;
  2. Controlling the publishing of nobiliary annuals and almanacs;
  3. Preparing documents for admission to knightly orders.

The Council will be thus formed:

President - Prince Gravina Cruyllas

Vice President – Count Arnaldi

Secretary and Treasurer – Count Camnasio

    A draft copy of the articles of associations-regulations was then read, which, after lengthy discussion and relative amendments was duly approved. The Secretary was delegated to appoint correspondents in the main Italian towns.
It is established that the only representative before law and third parties (correspondents and members) is the Secretary and Treasurer Count Camnasio.

    The ITALIAN HERALDIC COUNCIL is thus declared as established, and the meeting is closed and this minutes protocol is approved.

    Prince A.F. Gravina Cruyllas

    Count A.M. Arnaldi

    Count U. Camnasio

    Notary Dottor A. Baldioli f.f. Segretario

    Signed: Count Vittorio Emanuele Caramelli di Clavesana

    Signed: Count Giuseppe Maria Ferrero di Roccaferra

    Signed: Count Attilio Valente di Valbruna

    Signed: Count Mario Giacomo Brack del Prever.

(Public Deeds of the Italian Republic, no. 13998 - Mod. 2 - Vol. 8)