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Examination of requests for new noble concessions, renewals, claims, reconfirmation, amnesty and recognition of noble titles, coats of arms, predicates and qualifications to be presented to Registrars of Reigning Sovereign Houses or Pretenders to the Throne.
Advice on noble acts of adoption and family aggregation for the authorisation and refute of noble native or ex novo Italian and foreign titles.
We prepare documentation for the entry in national and international knightly orders.
Examination of noble coats of arms of important, ancient Italian and foreign dynasties and Sovereign houses, for possible exploitation with licence for commercial use for selling wine, clothing, jewellery, furniture, etc.
Personalisation with coats of arms, emblems, mottos, family wording on food products; wine, spirit, oil, etc. labels; sweet wrappings, confetti, chocolates, pasta packaging, cigars, etc.
Consultation, study, production, personalisation of any type of gift item and service: writing paper, visiting cards, ex libris, furnishings, jewellery, silverware, watches, clocks, clothing, leather goods, perfumes, pottery, flags, standards, family hymns, period photos, historic and other documents, armour, shields and reproduction antique arms in metal, work of art manuscripts, miniated certificates, honours certificates, painting on glass and decorated glass, hand painted or printed porcelain, beaten copper, brass and silver work, etc.
Assessment for buying historic archives, old and antique books, prints, Letters Patent, knightly decorations and historic relics.
Organisation and arrangement of Archives in Italy and abroad.